About Us

Founded by Steve Curtis in 2008, Backyard Works is known for its craftsmanship, quality and exceptional value.

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Call (604) 764-2935 for a FREE estimate and get started on your own Backyard Shed, Studio or Home Renovation from Backyard Works today.

The Backyard Works Building Process follows industry best practices and is streamlined into 8 distinct phases to work with our Backyard Shed and Backyard Studio products.

The following describes the essential 8 steps needed to get your Backyard Works product built literally from the ground up – from our initial site visit to handing over the keys to your NEW Backyard Shed or Studio.

  • 1. Estimate

    We meet with you on your site to review what you’re looking for in a shed or studio. We’ll ask you what features and upgrades you’d like for your building; windows, doors, location and then we confirm how your Backyard Works Shed is going to fit into the space you have in mind. Backyard Works provides you with a written quote and once approved, we provide a contract before proceeding with your new shed or studio.

  • 2. Site Preparation

    Working with you, we determine the exact location for your Backyard Works Shed construction. We require a minimum of 2’ clearance around the perimeter of the BYW Shed foot print and 3’ above the roof line. The site needs to be cleared of all debris and foliage with the ground as level as possible.

  • 3. Foundation/Floor

    Concrete foundation pads are laid on top of 3/4″ crushed rock and levelled to build the floor framing on. Additional concrete footings, posts and slab foundation are provided if needed.

  • 4. Framing

    The BYW Shed framing for the walls and roof are built and installed just like the framing in your home.

  • 5. Windows/Doors

    The windows and doors are installed as per your specifications prior to the installation of the siding.

  • 6. Siding

     The Smart-Panel siding is installed along with the roof and eave trim.

  • 7. Roof Shingles

     The shingles are installed over the roof plywood-sheathing along with appropriate vents.

  • 8. Completion

    Next, the trim is installed around the windows and door, corners and soffits and last but not least, we install your door knob and hand you the keys to your new Backyard Works Shed.

Building Process – Backyard Studios

Backyard Studios are sheds on steroids and have a few unique steps in their building process.

  • Backyard Works FloorMax™ System

    Backyard Works FloorMax™, our unique 2-part floor system, specifically designed for our Backyard Studios and Offices, is installed on the foundation. Note the pressure treated bottom panel designed to protect the floor insulation from moisture, insects and rodents. We then insulate the floor framing and cover it with a vapour barrier, followed by 5/8″ plywood.

  • Roof Ventilation

      All our Backyard Works Studios come with a ventilated roof system including soffit vents and roof peak ventilation.

  • Electrical

    After the BYW Studio framing is complete, the electrical components are roughed in by our certified electrician.

  • Insulation

    The wall and ceiling insulation is installed and covered with a vapour barrier.

  • Interior Finishing

    The interior wood wall and ceiling panels and trim are installed. (Drywall panels if specified)

  • Flooring

    A durable laminated wood floor system is installed with your choice of colour.

  • Completion

    With the installation of the electrical features and hook-up to your house fuse box, the final phase of construction is complete and we hand you the keys to your NEW Backyard Works Studio.