About Us

Founded by Steve Curtis in 2008, Backyard Works is known for its craftsmanship, quality and exceptional value.

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General FAQs

Will I need to get a building Permit?
In most districts or municipalities a permit is not required for an accessory building with a footprint of up to 100-110 square feet. We recommend you check with you local building department to determine if the shed you are going to purchase requires a permit.

How are the sheds installed?
The shed is built on site. We deliver the materials and build the shed right on your property, in your backyard – Built to Fit and Built to Last.

How long will it take to build the shed?
The average 100 sq.ft. shed will take approximately five days to build.

What kind of building site can I choose?
Your site should be as level as possible. Our base price includes shed installations with a site incline of up to 8”. If your site is on a greater incline we can use concrete pads to build up to a 12” incline. Any height above 12” will require pouring concrete posts secured in the ground. Concrete pads above 8” and or concrete posts will be at additional cost.

Ground that is not firm enough to support the shed may require additional/deeper crush rock bed or poured concrete in order to spread the load and provide a firm footing for the shed. Additional costs apply.

The site should be within 75 feet of an electrical outlet and within 100 feet of the materials delivery location with clear access to the shed site.

How should I prepare the building site?
We require 2’ of clearance around the perimeter of the shed location and 3’ above the roof peak. The area should be clear of all debris with the location of the shed corners marked with stakes.

Can I choose the location of my door & windows?
Yes, in most cases this is possible.

When will construction of my shed start once I place my order?
Upon the signing of your contract the construction start time of your shed will begin within 1-4 weeks.

What are your payment terms?
We require 1/3 deposit upon signing of your contract, 1/3 due upon completion of the floor, wall and roof framing, and 1/3 due upon completion of your Backyard Shed. The terms for Backyard Studios and Homes differ in that they require 1/4 or more payments, as outlined in our contract.