A Backyard Shed from Backyard Works is the epitome of both style and function.

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The Backyard Shed

The Backyard Shed from Backyard Works is the company work horse. This was the first product in our range and we build board-tons of them, Built-to-Fit + Built-to-Last. From the Original Backyard Shed, shown here, Built-to-Fit models that work in unique spaces, to more premium custom sheds to work with your home, there’s a Backyard Works Shed right for you and your backyard. See all our Backyard Works Sheds on our Projects page and call us at (604) 764-2935 for your FREE estimate and site visit.

Check out our Features Package – standard with every Backyard Shed, and see what makes Backyard Works unique in an industry dominated by big-box stores and why our customers are so happy with their Backyard Shed.

Backyard Sheds Features Package:

  • Home quality framing with kiln dried spruce studs and pressure treated floor framing
  • Plywood floor and roof sheathing
  • Smart-Panel Board siding
  • Asphalt shingles with roof vent
  • Secure Smart-Panel Board 36″x 80″ door with standard locking door knob
  • Pre-primed trim on door, roof eaves and all corners
  • 6″ Eave overhang with soffit boards and flush gable end trim
  • Concrete pads placed at all four corners as well as one pad centered on walls over 8’ long