A Backyard Studio/office, fully insulated and wired, is guaranteed to shorten your daily commute.

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Call (604) 764-2935 for a FREE estimate and get started on your own Backyard Shed, Studio or Home Renovation from Backyard Works today.

The Backyard Studio/Office

The Backyard Studio or Office from Backyard Works is our Backyard Shed on steroids and the perfect addition to your backyard. From the standard Turner Backyard Studio, shown here, to a more premium Built-to-Fit model: the Kallio, there’s a Backyard Studio just right for you. See all our Backyard Studios on our Projects page and call us at (604) 764-2935 for your FREE Backyard Works Studio Estimate and site visit.

All our Backyard Studios are constructed with the Backyard Works Wood-Framing-System. Alternatively, we offer a premium construction option that is environmentally friendly, quicker to build and will save you money through energy efficiency—ask for the SIP Construction System from Backyard Works. Scroll down for more information on SIP Construction and read this Blog Post.

Check out our Features Package – standard with every Backyard Studio, and see what makes Backyard Works unique and why our customers are so happy with their Backyard Studios.

Backyard Studio Features Package:

  • Home quality framing with kiln dried spruce studs
  • Backyard Works FloorMax, insulated floor system
  • Kiln dried spruce roof rafters or trusses
  • Plywood floor and roof sheathing
  • Smart-Panel siding
  • Pre-primed trim
  • Asphalt shingles or corrugated metal roof
  • Insulated wall and ceilings
  • Natural pine interior wall panels
  • Interior pre-primed window, door and baseboard trim
  • Laminated wood flooring
  • Complete electrical package with fuse box and heater
  • One 36” x 80” pre-hung steel exterior outswing door with low E  ½ glass light
  • One 36” x 36” vinyl sliding double pane low E window
  • Concrete pads placed at all four concerns as well as one pad centered on walls over 8’ long


Get Faster Construction and More Energy Efficiency with a Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System for Your Backyard Works Studio Building

  • Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System from Backyard Works

    The Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System from Backyard Works is a “sandwich” of performance-rated oriented strand board (OSB) structurally laminated to a continuous core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. 

The SIP System is an industry leading ready-to-assemble (RTA) system, which reduces construction time and improves efficiency. Blueprints for your home are loaded into computerized factory equipment where SIPs are manufactured to our specifications, then delivered to your location as a ready-to-assemble building system.

 The energy efficiency of buildings built with the SIP System out-performs buildings constructed using wood-framed wall and roof systems in three main areas:
    1. SIP System wall and roof assemblies from Backyard Works contain less dimensional lumber. In wood-framed construction a thermal bridging is created between the exterior of the building and the finished interior when insulation is interrupted by wood studs which also leave more than 20% of the wall area uninsulated. SIPs wall and roof assemblies provide higher R-values than typical wood-framed construction alternates as there are significantly fewer thermal bridges.
    2. Higher R-value keeps conditioned air in. The R-value of a wall or roof is a measure of its ability to keep heat from flowing through it. Higher R-value for walls and roof means less heat loss and less energy needed for heating and cooling.
    3. The closed cavity wall and roof design prevents air movement. In wood-framed construction, wall and roof R-value is decreased by insulation gaps around wood framing and by settling of insulation. These defects increase air leakage through the construction. This not only increases energy use, but can lead to condensation on the surfaces of wood components within assemblies. The continuous core of EPS insulation in a SIP System from Backyard Works, vastly reduces air leakage and heat loss, while also allowing better control of indoor air quality.

  • Superior Energy Efficiency

    Heating and cooling account for the largest part of a family’s energy use. The SIP System from Backyard Works provides airtight wall and roof assemblies with higher effective thermal resistance than other construction methods. These properties allow the SIP System to work in concert with other energy-efficient building components like windows, doors, and HVAC systems to reduce heat loss from 40 to 60 percent over wood-framed construction.

  • Improved Air Quality

    The same high-performing building envelope that keeps conditioned air in, also keeps pollutants out. Because air cannot move through the SIPs, interior air is free of irritants such as pollen, as well as mold spores that might result from damp conditions inside a wood-framed wall. As a first line of defence, SIPs from Backyard Works enhance your home’s HVAC mechanical system, helping it work more efficiently. And, the expanded polystyrene foam at the core of SIPs is free of HCFCs and HFCs, chemicals released into the air by some other types of insulation.

  • Strength, Security, Versatility

    The SIP System from Backyard Works allows design for high wind and snow loads with less structural lumber than wood-framed construction. More design flexibility is possible to address architectural features like vaulted areas and open floor plans.

  • Building Code Compliance

    The SIP System from Backyard Works has been evaluated to ensure building code requirements for residential and commercial applications. Test results and evaluations confirm compliance with code requirements for structural design, heat transfer, air leakage and condensation control.

  • Ready-to-Assemble Panels

    The SIP System ready-to-assemble (RTA) package from Backyard Works allows assembly to start as soon as the SIPs are delivered, instead of spending time customizing them at the job site. RTA packages arrive with panels cut to design specifications, openings pre-cut and finished with window and door bucks, wire chases precut in the panels and, where possible, panel-to-panel connections inserted, all of which saves valuable time and reduces job site waste. Your Backyard Works structure will be fully enclosed and secure in less time than with wood-framed construction.