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Here you’ll find articles of interest to all Backyard Works customers, shed owners/lovers and those interested in adding a Backyard solution to their own backyard be it a shed, studio or Backyard Laneway House.

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Backyard Works Develops the FloorMax, 2 Piece Insulated Flooring System

Posted by: Rik | Posted on: September 17th, 2013 | 0 Comments

The biggest obstacle in providing a completely insulated studio or office was how do you insulate the floor? Unlike traditional buildings which are built on a concrete foundation with the floor framed on top with a crawl space or basement from which you can install the floor insulation, A studio floor on concrete pads does not lend itself to this type of access for insulating the floor after the building is erected.

Therefore, I came up with a way to insulate the floor and cover the underside of the floor with pressure treated plywood to protect the insulation from the weather and animals – the Backyard Works FloorMax System.

First I frame the floor in two sections on top of the level concrete pads the floor will rest on. Then I stand the floor framed sections up on their sides or edges and attache the 3/8 PT plywood to the bottom. Once this is completed I drop the two sections back down on top the concrete pads, glue and screw the two sections together. Install perimeter pressure treated rim joists, drop the batt insulation in between the floor joists, cover them with a vapour barrier and install the sub-floor plywood over the top and secure it to the floor framing. The system provides an air-tight insulated floor system that has a high R-rating that will keep your feet warm in the winter and is structurally sound.