All our Backyard Works products are good to go with Standard Features or Custom Premium Options.

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Call (604) 764-2935 for a FREE estimate and get started on your own Backyard Shed, Studio or Home Renovation from Backyard Works today.

All Backyard Sheds & Studios from Backyard Works are built with a robust Standard Features Package – more than enough for most customers needs. If you want more customization we have Premium options to match the look of your Backyard Works building to the look of your house and your dreams.

If you don’t see the size and style you’re looking for, Backyard Works offers Built to Fit customization for your shed or studio and your backyard needs. Are you looking for a unique size to fit into a special spot? Looking for a particular style not shown on our Projects page? Want a custom door or window, lets talk – call (604) 764-2953 or request more information.

Read more on our Shed Features and Studio Features pages.


cut-away studio

We called Backyard Works and had a fantastic 10×16 shed built that we are extremely happy with. We were so pleased with the quality of Steve’s work that we also used Backyard Works for a basement reno (bedroom, bathroom and laundry room)that we are also extremely happy with, that really updated our home. We have also hired them for minor repairs around the house. The quality of work and the creative ideas are what make Backyard Works a business you want to recommend to others.

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