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Classic Backyard Shed

Classic Backyard Shed

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This is the Backyard Shed that started it all. I built this with my son back in 2006. It’s a standard featured 7 ½’ x 10’ shed. And after 5 years it’s still level, leak proof and very functional.

The Challenge

I had just finished remodeling my home and I wanted to purchase a shed to match. I discovered there wasn’t a shed manufacturer in the area that could build a shed with the size, features and quality I was looking for, so, I decided that my son and I would build our own Backyard Shed.

The Solution

First I built the floor on the foundation pads. Then I pre-cut all of the sill plates, studs and rafters. Knowing full well that a 12 year old was not going to sit around waiting for me to do the cutting I had to have everything ready to go, before enlisting his help. We had all the walls up in less than a day and the roof on the next day. The following weekend the trim and shingles were installed and then the barn door and window along with all the trim.

The Result

I had the shed I wanted. It matched the look of my home and it was built to the size and design I wanted and Backyard Works was born. Within a year I published the first Backyard Shed web site and built my first customer’s shed in the summer of 2008.

I love having a nice clean dry home for all my gardening tools, now I know my hand tools and large power tools are easy to find. The new shed is so attractive as I drive in my driveway, the hanging baskets I put up are the finishing touches on my nice new gardening shed.

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